Building materials with bacteria, fungi & enzymes

8 July 2021 · Neckargemünd · Webinar

Diana Drewes speaks on the occasion of the natureplus webinar about completely new and sometimes surprising approaches to sustainable building materials and presents her own work using mushrooms as binders.

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Binding agents for sustainable interior materials

6 May 2021 · Interzum @Home

Furniture made from old milk, sheet material from potato peels or dishes from incinerated organic waste or textile-like sheet materials from crab shells: there are no limits to the imagination of innovative approaches to new materials ...

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Green Deal Materials for a new generation of design

4 May 2021 · Interzum @Home

Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. The European Green Deal is the plan to make the EU's economy sustainable and climate neutral in 2050. A high number of developments are currently being implemented to bring materials with a low CO2 footprint into ...

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Material innovations for the biological cycle

9 March 2021 · Munich

The sustainable use of our resources is the all-determining challenge for the next few years. We need a change in our linear economic system and our product culture towards a functioning circular economy. The most far-reaching innovations ...

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Sascha Peters: Material Innovation for a Circular Economy

9 September 2020 · Berlin

All over the world, designers are striving to transform our economic system into a circular economy. They are looking for materials that can circulate in closed cycles and whose use has no negative impact on the environment ...

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Innodex Materials Innovation 2019

12-15 November 2019 · Jönköping/Sweden

For years, the smart materials have been prophesying a great future. The current multitude of application developments with shape memory alloys, dielectric plastics, piezo materials and magnetic shape memory materials is proof that smart materials will be found in many products in the future.

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Diana Drewes: Future Food

14 January 2019 · Cologne

In 2016, the first pop-up restaurant for 3D printed food was opened under the name Food INK in London. 3D food printers are used, which produce layer by layer foods out of pastes, chocolates, noodles or sweets. In recent years, a new trend in event catering ...

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Innodex Materials Innovation 2018

13-16 November 2018 · Jönköping/Sweden

Graphene is the world's first man-made two-dimensional material. The extreme strength, its high electrical conductivity and the transparent appearance make it a wonder material for a variety of applications, from aircraft over sports equipment to batteries and computer chips. But since the discovery ...

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Materials for a culture of decarbonised products

17 January 2018 · Cologne

Lacewing silk, in-vitro leather, chicory plastics, 4D textiles: The material developments in recent months have been tough. Because they pointed to a change in our material and product culture in a previously unpredictable way. New mechanisms of biofabrication show a way ...

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Innodex Materials Innovation 2016

9–11 November 2016 · Jönköping/Sweden

The technology field of smart materials is currently one of the most exciting fields of innovation in the materials sector. By using them, engineers and designers promise to significantly reduce the use of resources for the implementation of complex technical systems in the future ...

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Innodex Materials Innovation 2015

10–13 November 2015 · Jönköping/Sweden

The increasing worldwide shortage of resources makes it necessary to rethink the logic of industrial production. More than ever companies are aiming at closed material flows and recycling processes which enable to reuse the used resources. In this context it becomes more and more evident that when looking to nature ...

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Sascha Peters: Materials Revolution

10 December 2014 · Tel Aviv/Israel

The trend towards sustainable product development and sustainable design is especially important in the design industry, where it has been embraced by architects and industrial designers. More and more, creative industries are meeting the needs of a sustainable product culture by incorporating the latest scientific discoveries into their work. This brings research, technology, architecture and design ...

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Sascha Peters: Smart Office Materials

19 May 2014 · Dubai

In office environments of tomorrow, the energy will be transmitted wirelessly to all users, room dividers have acoustic shielding functions and consist of naturally fragrant materials. Lightweight solutions for the facility allow the short-term move to the outside. Work will be more flexible, more comfortable and healthier. The working areas of the knowledge society will change significantly in the coming years.

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Bio-based materials for a sustainable industry of the 21st century

29 April 2014 · Stuttgart

The STERN-Forum "Innovation and Biomaterials" serves as a pathfinder for entrepreneurs and researchers in order to establish upcoming business contacts and collaborations. The event was organised in the context of the two EU-projects, nameley Biomat-IN and IN2LifeSciences.

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INNODEX Materials Revolution

12–15 November 2013 · Jönköping

Materials that change flowability and shape under the action of force, coatings that free the air of harmful substances and odors or have self-healing properties: Today, further developments in nanotechnology and bionics make materials with a wide range of properties and additional functions possible that ...

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Biomimicry in Design and Architektur

23 August 2012 · Copenhagen

Whether scratch-resistant surfaces from the skin of sand fish, high-strength fibers made from spider silk proteins, lightweight structures using the diatom structure or the hydrophobic, water-attracting qualities of the Namib desert beetle: Bionic principles have been found in recent years that are suitable for applications in design and architecture ...

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Material Revolution – Sustainable Multi-Purpose Materials for Design and Architecture

26 May 2011 · Poznan/Poland

Be it vases made of algae fibre, wall paper made of tree bark, coffins made of almond shells or bike frames made of bamboo, the world of materials is about to experience a decisive change. At the latest after it became clear that fossil fuel resources shall dwindle in the coming decades and many raw materials shall only be available in limited amounts, intensive work has been undertaken to find alternatives. The material achievements ...

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Sascha Peters: Design Material Innovation

5 November 2010 · Design Attack Festival Krakow

Although Germany's industry in fact accounts for 18% of all European patents, it still has lost the prospect of successfully placing new products in international markets. It's not the number of patents which leads the economy to success, ...

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