Circular Biomaterials

special area on technical biomaterials for interior and design

Orgatec · Koelnmesse

22–25 October, 2024

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Material Consulting & Technology Selection

  • Trend reports and road map analyzes
  • Material and technology research
  • Technology and materials advice

Sustainable Product Design & Material Development

  • Innovation impulses and workshops
  • Application scenarios for innovative materials
  • Development of sustainable material solutions
  • Sustainable product development

Innovation Transfer & Technology Marketing


BacTerra - Nicole Chrysikou - GRASSI Museum - Zukuenfte - Design - Material

Futures. Materials and design of tomorrow

21 November 2024–21 September 2025 · GRASSI Museum · Leipzig
Orgatec 2024 - Circular Biomaterials Woven Bark Jacket - Charlett Wenig

Circular Biomaterials

22–25 October 2024 · Orgatec · Cologne
Foenikus Detail Sascha Linke Fraunhofer IWU Materialalternativen der Zukunft Futurium

Material treasures of the future

4 May, 2024–1 June, 2027 · Futurium · Berlin
ProSweets Snackable Ingredients Caju Apple

Snackable Ingredients

28–31 January 2024 · ProSweets · Cologne


Essence of Biocement Friedrich Gerlach Interzum biocircular materials

Biocircular solutions for the circular economy

7 June 2024 · interzum forum italy · Bergamo
Fuse Composite - green furniture materials

Green Materials for Furnitures

6 June 2024 · interzum forum italy · Bergamo
Furniture Handles Grass Composites SMD

Sustainable materials for the furniture industry

29 March 2024 · VSIL@Forum · CIFM/Interzum Guangzhou
ProSweets ExpertStage - Snackable Ingredients - Diana Drewes

Snackable Ingredients – Sustainability first

30 January 2024 · Pro Sweets Cologne · Koelnmesse


Ecoblaq molecular wood colours - Molekulare Holzfarbe

Ecoblaq molecular wood colours

Ecoblaq is a molecule manipulation method, a natural chemical reaction, making the wood change colour. That is why the natural wood patterns still shows, including the sense of warmth and structure…

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Lotusblume - Geröstestete Lotussamen

Roasted lotus seeds

Lotus seeds can be found in every supermarket in Asia. They are valued as a gluten-free and healthy snack and are available in many different flavors.

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ICM ITB NFRP Seat Naturfaser natural fiber

Natural fiber reinforced car seat

The focus of the project "Design for Recycling" is a seat shell that is made from different natural fiber reinforced plastics (NFRPs) in order to significantly reduce the ecological footprint.

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Vibroakustisches Metamaterial VAMM Fraunhofer LBF

Natural fiber-reinforced lightweight design and vibro-acoustic metamaterials

At the ELMIA Subcontractor in Jönköping, Fraunhofer LBF is showing promising approaches for sustainable manufacturing processes with natural fiber-reinforced materials and the lightweight design…

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BMW visionary seat infinite loop grown innovation

BMW visionary seat concepts

With the visionary seat concepts, BMW Design presents ideas for concrete applications using other innovative materials and production methods that contribute to lower CO2 emissions and increased use…

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Texoversum - Roboter erzeugen Spinnennextwerke aus Carbonfasern


With the "Texoversum", Reutlingen University has put into operation a training and innovation center for the textile industry. The components were wound from fibers that are fixed with a special…

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Invisible solar roof tile Dyaqua - Dachziegel mit unsichtbarer Solartechnologie

Invisible Terracotta Solar Rooftile

The family-run business Dyaqua has developed a technology to integrate a photovoltaic panel into roof tiles with terracotta aesthetics, in order to bring solar energy to historic cities and their…

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Bio Floral Foam - Steckschaum aus Schnittblumen

Floral foam made from cut flowers

Thai designer Irene Purasachit uses discarded cut flowers to make eco-friendly floral sponge, paper and textiles.

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Woodio Toilette und Waschbecken aus Holzzellulose

Washbasin and toilet seat from wood cellulose

Finnish company Woodio has developed the world's first toilet made from a biomaterial based on wood cellulose and resins. The product received the Design Plus Award 2023 at the ISH in Frankfurt.

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Solar Blanket Interior - Mireille Steinhage

Solar Blanket

With her "Solar Blanket", designer Mireille Steinhage shows how the use of self-sufficient products can cushion the burden of rising energy prices.

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Motorskins morphing textile

MotorSkins morphing textiles

Berlin based start-up MotorSkins designs and produces textiles with embedded fluidics for Human movement and Human-machine interaction. Their textile systems are capable of sensing and giving haptic…

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Cocoboard sustainable materials


NaturLoop has been developing a technology for biocomposites from agricultural byproducts and natural adhesives. Its first product, Cocoboard is made from coconut husk fibers and tannin extracts.

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hydrogen wind turbine

Hydrogen power plant for your own home

A research initiative of the Fraunhofer IAP aims to produce hydrogen by operating small wind turbines for personal use. Small rotors and safe tanks are currently being developed for this purpose.

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Mogu Ephea leather alternative from mushroom

Green leather alternative from mushrooms

With EPHEA, the Italian manufacturer Mogu presented a new mushroom-based leather alternative at Paris Fashion Week and expanded the options for the shoe and fashion industry.

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Mushroom Pilz Chips

Mushroom Chips

Edible mushrooms are considered an important food source worldwide. An Australian company has launched salty mushroom chips as a nutritious alternative to standard potato chips.

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Plantish salmon alternative

3D printed salmon alternative

Israeli start-up Plantish has developed a 3D printed plant-based alternative to salmon that has the same nutritional value as fish. It can be prepared in the same way as regular salmon.

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DipWrap Aalto University

Plastic-free DipWrap

At Aalto University students developed the DipWrap, a bio-based protective film for cucumbers made from agar-agar, carnauba wax and dispersed cellulose nanocrystals as an alternative to plastic…

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3D Pioneers Challenge - Urwahn Waldwiesel

3D Pioneers Challenge 2022

The 3D Pioneers Challenge 2022 adresses tech pioneers who pave the way for technology transfer to a sustainable future. Diana Drewes is part of the top-class jury.

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Ponticon high-speed lasercladding

Alloy variants by High-Speed Laser Metal Deposition

On the occasion of formnext in Frankfurt, the start-up Ponticon presented a process for developing new metallic materials for additive manufacturing based on high-speed laser cladding.

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On the way to climate-neutral steel

thyssenkrupp has reached an important milestone in its transformation towards climate-neutral steel. The first batch of steel was delivered with reduced CO2 emissions.

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Haute Innovation Materialexperte Sascha Peters 2021

Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters

Managing Director, key-note speaker, authorHonorary ProfessorJury member of the Red Dot Award

Diana Drewes

Biodesigner, material developerTechnology scout, authorExpert in biofabrication with fungi, proteins and bacteria

Haute Innovation Material- und Biodesignerin Diana Drewes 2021