Materials Revolution 2021

Special exhibition on sustainable materials, additive production and digital solutions

ELMIA Subcontractor, Jönköping/Sweden

9-12 November 2021

Highlights of the exhibition


Material Consulting & Technology Selection

  • Trend reports and road map analyzes
  • Material and technology research
  • Technology and materials advice

Sustainable Product Design & Material Development

  • Innovation impulses and workshops
  • Application scenarios for innovative materials
  • Development of sustainable material solutions
  • Sustainable product development

Innovation Transfer & Technology Marketing

  • Material exhibitions and innovation shows
  • Implementation of congresses and events
  • Publications on materials and technologies


Subcontractor Materials Revolution 2021

9–12 November 2021 · Jönköping/Sweden

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On the way to climate-neutral steel

thyssenkrupp has reached an important milestone in its transformation towards climate-neutral steel. The first batch of steel was delivered with reduced CO2 emissions.


Highly densified and extremely hard wood

The company Swiss Wood Solutions is working on modifying domestic solid wood and veneer so that it becomes a true high-performance material, in some cases surpassing the properties of tropical woods.


Meat industry in transition

Cell-cultured meat is seen as a future source of protein to combat climate change. Mosa Meat and Aleph Farms have developed advanced technologies for extracting meat from animal cells.


World‘s first watch made from recycled coffee

The Berlin designer Julian Lechner, in cooperation with Lilienthal Berlin, launched the world's first watch made from recycled coffee grounds, waxes and oils.


Biokunststoff HMF aus Altbackwaren

Bioplastics from old bakery goods

Scientists from the Fraunhofer WKI and the University of Hohenheim have succeeded in extracting the bioplastic hydroxymethylfurfural HMF from old bakery goods for formaldehyde-free resins and…


Ultraleggera – Lightest chair in the world

The Ultraleggera 1.660 is the lightest chair in the world. Oskar Zięta designed it in response to the feather-light challenge of Gio Ponti's legendary Superleggera design from 1957.


Stand-up paddleboard from renewable materials

Stand-up paddling is one of the trend sports. At the Fraunhofer WKI, a team of researchers is developing a stand-up paddleboard that is made entirely from renewable raw materials.


Curved architectural glass with gold printing

The glass finisher sedak has developed its digital printing technology to such an extent that gold and silver can be applied to architectural glass that is up to 18 meters long.


UNclean Plastics – Recycling of contaminated plastics

In the "UNclean Plastics" project, the two designers Friedrich Gerlach and Felix Stockhausen developed a printing process for the additive manufacture of toothbrushes from contaminated polypropylene.


Bubble Wrap Sneaker

The Munich shoe entrepreneur Sebastian Thies, in cooperation with the Israeli start-up Remeant, has brought a sustainable sneaker made of real, recycled bubble wrap onto the market.


Brake disc with reduced fine dust

Fine dust endangers our health. One of the main sources is traffic, especially the abrasion of brake disc. Technologies from Sigma Materials and Applied Nano Surfaces prevent abrasion of potentially…


Electricity from oranges

The municipal utility company Emasesa is planning a pilot project to collect 35 tons of bitter oranges from the streets of Seville to generate electricity from them.


Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters

Managing Director, key-note speaker, authorHonorary ProfessorJury member of the Red Dot Award

Diana Drewes

Biodesigner, material developerTechnology scout, authorExpert in biofabrication with fungi, proteins and bacteria