CanyonC2CBike - Innodex Materials 2022

InnoDex High-advanced Materials 2022

ELMIA Subcontractor · Jönköping/Sweden

15–17 November 2022

This year Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters will focus on highly developed material innovations and their potential for industrial applications in his presentations at the Innodex Tech Arena. The topic of circularity will play a role as well as the materials for additive production, smart materials and material technologies for energetic solutions:

Innodex Tech Arena

15. November 2022, 10:00
High-advanced materials for a circular and digital industry“, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters (Haute Innovation, Berlin)

The European industry is in the midst of several transformation processes. Within the next decade there will be an enormous shift from a linear understanding of industry with all its manufacturing processes to a circular economy based on renewable energies. Material innovations play an important role in the transformation process of the technical supply industry. On the one hand they form the basis for the decarbonization of production and transport, on the other hand their use is crucial for the development of circular business models in a digital world.

16. November 2022, 10:00
Material Innovations for Additive Manufacturing“, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters (Haute Innovation, Berlin)

After additive manufacturing developed from a niche technology to industrial production processes with a wide range of application options, the number of 3D printing materials that can be processed has also expanded enormously. In addition to classic high-performance materials like metals and ceramics, methods of integrating fiber reinforcement into the printing process for lightweight applications in aircraft and vehicle construction as well as technologies for additive manufacturing of multi-material components were developed. In the course of the increasing importance of circular innovations for the industry, bio-based printing materials are also increasingly entering the market.

17. November 2022, 10:00
Green Materials for Industrial Products“, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters (Haute Innovation, Berlin)

Whether it’s wind turbines made from natural fibers, bio-based materials for automotive interiors, the use of cork in high-temperature applications or crash helmets made from mushroom foam: in recent years the use of natural resources has become increasingly important in industry. Driven by the need to transform industry and society into a circular economy, all materials and used resources should circulate in biological and technical cycles. Especially when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions, natural materials have clear advantages over most industrial materials. Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters provides an overview of some of the most exciting latest developments.

image: Canyon C2C – 3D printed bicycle frame (source: Canyon)