Cocoboard sustainable materials

Sustainable materials for new working spaces

IBA Forum · online event

30 March 2022, 1 pm

The topic of sustainability will develop into a decisive competitive factor for most industries in the coming years. This is especially true for construction and interior design, two sectors responsible for a large carbon footprint.

The biological cycle as a source of inspiration for sustainable materials

A large number of innovations, which are currently being developed, lie dormant in the biological cycle in particular. Whether upholstery fabrics made from the proteins of the nopal cactus, acoustic absorbers made from fungi, a board from coconut husks or table tops made from fish scales: a scene of young material producers is currently emerging who only need natural resources and biological binding agents for their materials.

The development has the potential to revolutionize the sustainable materials used in the object sector in the long term. At the invitation of the IBA – Industry Association Office and Working Environment – Hon.-Prof. dr Sascha Peters on March 30, 2022 will give an insight into the current innovation happening in sustainable materials.

The lecture will take place as part of the IBA Forum. The lecture language is English.

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image: Cocoboard from coconut husks (source: Naturloop)