Smart and Sustainable Materials for Interior Design

INda Journal of Interior Design and Academy· Turkey · Digital Conference

26 October 2021

shimmering smart wood

The topic of “sustainability” is gaining importance in all situations. Even more … It is the decisive criterion for evaluating the quality of the world in which we want to live. Energy, mobility, construction: Almost all of society is in a process of transformation towards a circular economy with the goal of climate-neutrality. With a view to the interior design of the future, smart and sustainable materials are of great relevance for designers.

Fish scales, banana fibers, orange peel

Whether material board made from fish scales, 3D printed lights made from orange peel or wooden surfaces with structural paints: the density of outstanding material developments by designers has increased enormously in recent months. Unusual natural resources are used that have not yet played a role in interior design. In addition, so-called smart materials are gaining in importance, as they enormously increase resource efficiency.

At the invitation of Dr. Osman Arayici for the “Journal of Interior Design and Academy (INda)” will Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters will present smart and sustainable material innovations for interior designers at a digital event on October 26, 2021.

Program of the digital event series:

image: Shimmering Wood – Wood with structural colour (source: Aalto University, Helsinki)