Material Revolution

arena Designfestival · Poznan/Poland

26 May 2011

Be it vases made of algae fibre, wall paper made of tree bark, coffins made of almond shells or bike frames made of bamboo, the world of materials is about to experience a decisive change. At the latest after it became clear that fossil fuel resources shall dwindle in the coming decades and many raw materials shall only be available in limited amounts, intensive work has been undertaken to find alternatives. The material achievements of the twentieth century, which are mainly owed to crude oil, will lose in their importance in the near future.

The awareness of the environmentally sound treatment of materials and thinking in material cycles have reached consumers meaning that investment in sustainable products is now profitable. The use of environmentally sound materials with multifunctional properties and the implementation of sustainable production procedures are already expected by society.

Dr. Sascha Peters has presented his new book on the festival, that gives a brief overview of sustainability aspects for designers and architects concerning the important issues. At the same time it not only covers natural and biodegradable materials, but also materials with multifunctional properties (e.g. thermochromic glasses or surfaces that purify the air) as well as the potential to reduce the amount of energy used (e.g. lightweight construction and phase changing materials).

image: cellulose plastic (source: Biowert)