Building materials with bacteria, fungi & enzymes

natureplus Webinar "Who would have thought this ? Surprising building materials."

8 July 2021, 16:00

As an essential component of concrete, cement has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. In fact, it is the second most widely consumed product in the world after drinking water and is used in almost everything we build, be it single-family homes, high-rise offices or entire cityscapes. At the same time, the cement industry is causing enormous amounts of CO2 and therefore bears a special responsibility for climate protection. It is important to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide within a few decades. The cement-producing industry wants to produce climate-neutral cement and concrete by 2050. The latest work by scientists from all over the world shows how this transformation can succeed. For several years you have been working on innovative technologies to save CO2 emissions and conserve natural resources. They accept the challenge of drastically reducing CO2 emissions in cement production or even developing concrete that binds more CO2 than it causes.

Diana Drewes from the future agency HAUTE INNOVATION Berlin will speak about these innovative materials and the change towards sustainable building materials. She will present completely new and sometimes surprising approaches for new building materials and also show some of her own work that goes back to mushrooms as her favorite binder system.

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image source: Diana Drewes