Beerterial - board and furniture from spent grains - Circular Design Materials

Circular Materials for the furniture & design industry

Annual conference of the Norwegian design industry · National Museum · Oslo

26 April 2023

Europe is steadily continuing its transition towards a greenhouse gas-neutral circular economy. In the future, products, materials and the raw materials used will be kept in cycles for as long as possible and the energy supply will be switched to regenerative technologies. In the transformation process, the design industry is particularly relevant in sectors where large quantities of materials are used, such as in the furniture and interiors industry.

Circular materials and secondary waste streams

Whether it’s fish scales, orange peel, kombucha or shrimp shells: In recent years, highly interesting material innovations and new companies have been created, especially in the design industry, which will enormously increase material efficiency in certain material areas.

In particular, plastic-free developments based on natural resources and innovative biochemical binding mechanisms that do not pose a threat to nature, can be returned to the biological cycle and do not have to be landfilled or thermally disposed of are particularly noticeable.

At the invitation of Norsk Industri Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters will show the importance of the design industries for the transformation process into a circular economy and to present some of the latest circular material innovations.

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image: Beerterial – board and furniture made from spent grain (Design: Nisan Caglayan)