Invisible solar roof tile Dyaqua - Dachziegel mit unsichtbarer Solartechnologie

Invisible Terracotta Solar Rooftile

The family-run business Dyaqua has developed a technology to integrate a photovoltaic panel into roof tiles with terracotta aesthetics, in order to bring solar energy to historic cities and their…

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Solar Blanket Interior - Mireille Steinhage

Solar Blanket

With her "Solar Blanket", designer Mireille Steinhage shows how the use of self-sufficient products can cushion the burden of rising energy prices.

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hydrogen wind turbine

Hydrogen power plant for your own home

A research initiative of the Fraunhofer IAP aims to produce hydrogen by operating small wind turbines for personal use. Small rotors and safe tanks are currently being developed for this purpose.

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Electricity from oranges

The municipal utility company Emasesa is planning a pilot project to collect 35 tons of bitter oranges from the streets of Seville to generate electricity from them.

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Bendy Bag

The basis for the development of the "BendyBag" was the organic photovoltaic material "Solare", which is ideal for a simple integration in textile solutions. In her design, the designer Sandra…

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Enerkite mobile airborne wind power plant

EnerKite GmbH from Brandenburg has focused on the development of a mobile 30 kW airborne wind power plant in recent years. The new system celebrated its maiden flight in Pritzwalk, Brandenburg, at…

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