Cellform Subcontractor Innodex Materials

InnoDex High-advanced Materials 2023

ELMIA Subcontractor · Jönköping/Sweden

14–16 November 2023

This year Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters will focus in his presentations at the InnoDex Tech Arena on new raw material sources and unusual natural resources, whose application potential and properties he will explain using product examples from the Innodex special area.

Innodex Tech Arena

14 November 2023, 10:00
Bio-circular high-advanced materials“, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters (Haute Innovation, Berlin)

The most far-reaching innovations are currently emerging at the interface between biology and technology. Natural resources are becoming interesting for technical applications that were previously not thought possible. In Finland, research is being carried out into the use of lignin in battery systems. Algae are suitable for the production of fiber materials and foams and natural hemp fibers replace carbon, aramid and glass fibers in car seats or bicycle frames and make the production of traffic signs climate-neutral. The race for a biocircular industrial production has only just begun.

15 November 2023, 10:00
From magnetocalorics to self-healing carbon – Smart Materials for industrial products“, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters (Haute Innovation, Berlin)

One of the highlights of the materials exhibition from Haute Innovation Berlin is world’s first fridge working with magnetocaloric cooling. Magnetic cooling is seen as an important building block for environmentally friendly cooling options, as it promises up to 3 times higher efficiencies than existing systems – without using climate-damaging, explosive or toxic refrigerants. Instead, the cold is generated by a magnet and temperature-active metals called magnetocaloric materials which can also been used to liquify hydrogen. This is only one new application by making use of the so called smart materials which Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters is going to present in his lecture. Other examples in the exhibition are a car door with vibroacoustic meta materials, thermoresponsive Foam with shape memory effect and 4D printing headphones.

16 November 2023, 10:00
High-advanced materials for new mobility“, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters (Haute Innovation, Berlin)

The transformation process to a CO2-neutralneutral mobility is currently creating enormous scope for innovation. Whether a CFRP ultralight chassis using free-form winding technology, a car seat made of flax fibers, a 3D-printed wheel suspension or a transmission with 4D-printed gears: material-based developments are currently being produced in unusually high numbers, which can be explained by the economic pressure on the automotive industry. Quality features such as circularity, resource efficiency and reuse are also becoming increasingly important for producers of future mobility solutions. The first biocircular materials are finding their way into the vehicle industry, for example in the form of crash helmet from mycelium and hemp.


image: Metallic bipolar plates for hydrolyse and fuel cells (source: Cellform, Germany)