Aectual Circular 3D-Printing - Interzum Guangzhou

Innovations for a Circular Interior Industry

VSIL@Forum · Interzum Guangzhou · China

29 March 2023

The transformation of our economy into a circular economy is in full swing. Material-intensive industries such as the furniture and interiors industries will have to revise their product range and use fully recyclable materials and corresponding processing technologies.

Circular business models for the furniture industry

Because the returnability of used resources to the cycles and their reuse are at the heart of the circular economy. In the near future we will therefore see a multitude of new circular business models in the furniture industry, which derive value from the recirculation and reuse of furnishings.

This will be accompanied by a reduction in the industry’s overall carbon emissions, driven by increased use of natural and bio-based material solutions. Whether circular 3D printing with bio-based printing material, furniture made from residues from the agricultural industry or leather substitutes from mushroom mycelium: Exciting innovations are created above all at the interface between biology and technology.

At the invitation of the organizers of Interzum Guangzhou from KölnMesse in Beijing, Hon.-Prof. dr Sascha Peters will present material innovations to promote circular business models in the furniture industry and its suppliers. He also gives an outlook on the Interzum special show “Sustainability Matters“, which Haute Innovation will set up from 9–12 May 2023 in Cologne.

image: Circular 3D Printing – AM room divider made from bio-based printing material (credit: Aectual)