Innodex Materials Innovation 2015

ELMIA Subcontractor · Jönköping/Sweden

10–13 November 2015

10. November 2015, 13:00
Biobased materials and lightweight solutions for the supplying industry“, Dr. Sascha Peters, Haute Innovation, Germany

The increasing worldwide shortage of resources makes it necessary to rethink the logic of industrial production. More than ever companies are aiming at closed material flows and recycling processes which enable to reuse the used resources. In this context it becomes more and more evident that when looking to nature both material solutions and technical principles can be derived which allow to make a resource-conserving industrial culture realistic option. Carbon fiber made of lignin, synthetic materials reinforced by sunflower fibers or algae fibers composites are some examples of a development which has started only a few years ago. In his lecture Dr. Sascha Peters will present the main developments of the past year and show new fields of application of the material innovations.


12. November 2015, 13:00
Material innovations for the additive production and three-dimensional printing“, Dr. Sascha Peters, Haute Innovation, Germany

Three-dimensional printing of glass, ceramics and silicone, additive production of components made of wood and cellulose or the utilization of generative technologies in the food industry or in architecture are some developments that have experienced an extremely rapid importance in the past year. The turnover of all additively produced industrial goods having reached the turnover of goods produced in 2015 by means of generative production processes in the field of prototype production some of the most important material manufacturers are getting now into the market of three-dimensional printing and are developing special material solutions for a number of manufacturing processes and application areas. Dr. Sascha Peters will present the most important developments and give an outlook on new fields of application of additive procedures.


13. November 2015, 11.00
Smart Energy Materials – Energy Harvesting for a regenerative energy supply“, Dr. Sascha Peters, Haute Innovation, Germany

Whether piezofibers for facades of houses or for subway tunnels, thermogenerators on skin surfaces or display screens that convert light into electric energy are concerned: the future of our energy supply will be increasingly characterized by small and smart technologies that will enable the use of many products independently from the large net. In his lecture Dr. Sascha Peters will describe the innovative potential of the energy harvesting technology and present some of the most exciting developments.

image: South American horned frog provided with an extremely strong adhesive force of the tongue surface (source: Dr. Thomas Kleinteich, University of Kiel)