Lien A Natural Latex Mattress - interzum guangzhou Award

interzum guangzhou Award

As the organizer of the interzum guangzhou Awards, Elly Lee speaks with juror Dr. Sascha Peters
A prize as a proactive companion of a transformation process towards a circular economy

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Interzum Guangzhou 20 plus 20 Award Kiaro Opening

Interzum 20 PLUS 20 Award

Elly Lee from Interzum Guangzhou in conversation with the juror of the 20 Plus 20 Awards Dr Sasha Peters
About innovation, user-friendliness, safety and practicality in furniture construction

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Top 5 innovations in building materials

CBNC talking to Dr. Sascha Peters
In an interview with CNBC, Dr. Sascha Peters provides information about a few years and smart building materials of the future and shows the TOP 5, which lie between mushroom-related foams, translucent wood and retroreflective concrete ...

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Focus on New Materials

This year’s international festival of design, DMY Berlin, now in its ninth year, has paid special attention to new materials, which are at the heart of a revolution in aesthetics, technology and economics. We met Sascha Peters ...

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