Green Smart Materials

4–7 May 2021 · Interzum @Home

Structural colors for wooden surfaces, 3D printed wooden windows, leather substitutes made of cactus cellulose or street furniture that can free the air of fine dust: The innovation process is currently taking place in the field of tension between sustainability, digitization and smart material solutions. In the next few years we will see a change ...

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Interzum congress on disruptive materials

21–23 May 2019 · Cologne

By topic "Disruptive Materials - Changing the Future" some of the latest material innovations and disruptive technologies will be presented at Interzum 2019. New materials are the main drivers of product innovation. In addition to the exhibition, Haute Innovation will be staging a conference event with 18 lectures on the main topics of the exhibition on three days of the fair ...

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XERION Innovation Day 2017

29 September 2017 · Berlin

To officially inaugurate the new XERION subsidiary in Berlin, the specialist for advanced heating from Freiberg invited experts and designers to the XERION Innovation Day 2017. As part of a symposium, new technological developments were presented, including the new generation of XGRAPHIT ovens, which marks a significant leap in the construction of hi-tech oven systems ...

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Circular Thinking Congress

18 May 2017 · Cologne

In view of the increasing world population and the extent of resources oriented on the consumption of the 20th century, the circular economy will become an ideal conception for the management and handling of existing materials. The Interzum congress "Circular Materials" presented the potential of thinking in closed material cycles ...

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Interzum 3D-Printing Congress

7 May 2015 · Cologne

In addition to the special exhibition "4th Industrial Revolution: 3D Printing", there was a full-day conference on May 7, 2015 on the potentials and possibilities of additive manufacturing techniques for design and architecture. Proven specialists presented future opportunities based on some outstanding developments ...

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Materials for new Energies

13 September 2012 · Frankfurt

Hessen is on the way to a new energy era. With the conference "Materials for New Energies", the Hessen-Nanotech action line of the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Transport and Regional Development is accelerating the technology transfer into marketable products for the energy sector ...

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Materials in Progress 2012

21 June 2012 · dOCUMENTA(13) · Kassel

The world of materials is in a state of upheaval. On the occasion of DOCUMENTA 13, HAUTE INNOVATION implemented the "Materials in Progress 2012" forum with an accompanying exhibition in the impressive atmosphere of an old passenger ship "IM-PORT / EX-PORT" ...

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Innovative materials for sustainable construction

21–25 February 2012 · Berlin

Lightweight panels using bamboo rings, ultrasonically welded wood, insulation boards made of biomass of cattail plant or comb structures for high-strength lightweight structures: Increasingly, finding innovative sustainable building materials for the architecture ...

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Faster into market with new material

24 May 2011 · Frankfurt

With the series of events "Materials shape product", the Hessen-Nanotech action line has made users aware of the potential of new materials. In the final forum of the series on May 24, 2011, designers and architects come up with far-reaching product innovations ...

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Materials in Progress 2010

2 December 2010 · Euromold · Frankfurt

Bicycle frames made from hemp and bamboo, flexible stone for sports goods, carbon nanotubes for conductive plastics or inflated lightweight constructions from metal: These are some of the topical highlights of the “Materials in Progress 2010” conference which Euromold is using this year to react to the growing significance of materials for desgin ...

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From material to a marketable product

24 June 2010 · Offenbach

What successful innovation processes often lacks today, is not the technological innovation in terms of functional quality, but the success and above all, fast transfer of innovation into a marketable product. For this reason, the action line Hessen-Nanotech of the Hessian Ministry for Economics, Transport and Regional Development of Hessen Agentur offer these new series of events,  ...

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