ICM ITB NFRP Seat Naturfaser natural fiber

Natural fiber reinforced car seat

The focus of the project "Design for Recycling" is a seat shell that is made from different natural fiber reinforced plastics (NFRPs) in order to significantly reduce the ecological footprint.

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Vibroakustisches Metamaterial VAMM Fraunhofer LBF

Natural fiber-reinforced lightweight design and vibro-acoustic metamaterials

At the ELMIA Subcontractor in Jönköping, Fraunhofer LBF is showing promising approaches for sustainable manufacturing processes with natural fiber-reinforced materials and the lightweight design…

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Ultraleggera – Lightest chair in the world

The Ultraleggera 1.660 is the lightest chair in the world. Oskar Zięta designed it in response to the feather-light challenge of Gio Ponti's legendary Superleggera design from 1957.

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ceramic foam with open pores

Ceramic Foam

Ceramic Foam is a fascinating material characterized by its airiness, its open porous surface and cellular structure. By foaming the volume of the original ceramic material increases, generating…

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High precision bamboo tubes

Since naturally grown bamboo tubes come in various sizes, diameters and thicknesses, industrial use has been difficult up to now. With the help of a patented production process, it is now possible to…

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Conbou lightweight bamboo panel

Wassilij Grod from the Bauhaus University Weimar has developed a lightweight bamboo panel as a material-efficient building material. The middle layer consists of diagonally cut bamboo ring pieces…

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Concrete Cloth Fabrics

It is called "Concrete Cloth" and was originally developed for military purposes. What is meant is a spacer fabric filled with dry concrete, which can be flexibly deformed and fully hardens in just…

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Surface heating with CNT coating

Carbo e-therm from FutureCarbon GmbH, Bayreuth is a surface heating system whose function is based on the integration of carbon nanotubes CNT into a coating.

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Aerofabríx – ultra-light multi-layer fabric with high thermal insulation

In lightweight construction for mobile applications, the materials used must have a complex profile of properties. One example is Aerofabríx from Aeroíx in Berlin. The manufacturer uses flocking…

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