INDEX Design Talks – Smart Office Materials

INDEX International Design Exhibition · Dubai World Trade Center

19 May 2014

The office environments of the future will change significantly with the new digital possibilities and the wishes of many people for flexible working hours and a health-promoting interior. Innovative lightweight materials will enable short-term relocation to the outside and ensure flexible work situations. Partition walls will take on acoustic shielding functions, and smells that improve concentration will emanate from the material surfaces. The energy will be available to all users wirelessly in the form of a cloud, and with the energy harvesting system, the employees will also generate some of the energy necessary for the office themselves. Smart material solutions for unlimited possibilities for darkening window fronts and transmitting digital information in the meeting rooms.

At the invitation of the European association for the office furniture industry FEMB, Dr. Sascha Peters gave a lecture on material trends for the office furniture industry.

FEMB Design Talks

Intro, Julian Roebuck (President, FEMB)

“New work order – the rise of a new working culture”, Birgit Gebhardt (Trendexpert)

“Smart office materials”, Dr. Sascha Peters (Haute Innovation Berlin)

“Trends in European office furniture Design”, Colin Watson (FEMB)

image: energy harvesting by foot steps (source: Pavegen, London)