Technology analysis for chrome-free coating processes

Client: Home appliance manufacturer

At the instigation of Germany, chromium trioxide was listed as a dangerous substance in the European REACH regulation. This stipulates that approval permits are required for use. The "Sunset Date"…

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Trend study on smart materials

Client: Long-distance passenger transport company

As part of a material research, the status of development and the availability of smart and sustainable materials for use in long-distance trains were recorded and possible applications in the…

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Green Deal Materials Box 5481 2

Green Deal Materials Box

Ordering party: European Commission, Brussels

What do desert beetles, apples and carbon fiber have in common? They are all starting points for the development of innovative materials that will have a lasting impact on the world of tomorrow. The…

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Salix3D Innovationsworkshop Sustainable Materials

Innovation workshop sustainable materials

Client: Black Red White S.A., Poland

In the last few years especially young designers in particular have identified unusual resources and almost forgotten bio-based material sources in search of sustainable and circular solutions. The…

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Trend shows on innovative materials

Clients: Various international exhibition corporations

Since 2012, HAUTE INNOVATION has been implementing special areas for innovative materials and sustainable technologies on behalf of a number of leading international trade fair organizers.

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RWE Future Materials Collection

Future Materials Collection

Client: RWE AG

70% of all technical innovations are based on new materials. With a view to the numerous materials innovations of the recent past and the groundbreaking developments in some important research…

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Technology research on 4D printing

Client: German premium car manufacturer

4D printing is considered one of the technology fields with the greatest innovation potential. What is meant is a three-dimensional printing process in which the materials can automatically deform…

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Workshop “Future materials & 3D printing”

Client: SFIC Institute, SingaPlural, FurniPro Asia

At the invitation of the SFIC Institute, Diana Drewes and Dr. Sascha Peters were in Singapore to present the latest material developments and to work out the potential of additive manufacturing for…

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Creator Space Tour

Ordering party: BASF

BASF celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2015. With 112.000 employees at six locations and 376 production sites all over the world, the company generates a turnover of about 80 billion Euros, making…

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Jury member “Red Dot Award”

Ordering party: Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG

The Red Dot Award, organized in Essen, has developed into one of the world's most renowned awards for good design over the past 60 years. The competition regularly shows that its winners set…

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Advisory board for the research consortium smart³

Ordering party: BMBF Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The project consortium "smart³ | materials - solutions - growth" has set the goal to accelerate the development of marketable product innovations based on so-called "smart materials". This is a group…

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Material training for design departments

Client: GenerationDesign GmbH

Knowledge of innovative materials and their processing has developed into a competitive factor for designers in recent years. On behalf of GenerationDesign GmbH, Dr. Sascha Peters carried out…

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Sustainable Design Workshop in Vietnam

Ordering Parties: Netherlands Ministry on Foreign Affairs, Vietcraft

On behalf of the Netherland development aid, HAUTE INNOVATION was invited by the end of August 2013 to organize a workshop on the possibilities of a sustainable product design for Vietnamese…

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Weducer - Coffee-to-go cup from coffee grounds - Red Dot Best of the Best 2018

Jury participation in design competitions

Ordering parties: Organizers of international design competitions

With our expertise in the fields of innovative, smart and sustainable materials, we are regularly appointed to the juries of design and ideas competitions.

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Series of events “Smart Surfaces”

Client: TSB Technologiestiftung Berlin

Piezoelectric plastics that can generate electricity under the influence of an external force, bionic materials with self-healing properties or so-called smart textiles that monitor the functions of…

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Eco Commercial Building Program

Ordering party: Bayer MaterialScience AG

The Eco Commercial Building Program from Bayer MaterialScience offers decision-makers of the construction industry an integrated concept for energy and cost-efficient building. A web-based platform…

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Series of events “Material shapes Product”

Client: Action Line Hessen Nanotech of the Hessian Ministry for Economy, Transport and Regional Development

With the series of event series "Material shapes product", the Hessian Ministry of Economics wanted to raise awareness of the potential of new materials and nanotechnologies. They’d like the…

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Innovation workshop “New Materials” DMY 2011

Client: DMY Berlin GmbH & Co. KG

At the impressive scenery of the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport were professional, creative, designer and architects called upon, in different themed innovation workshops, to develop a product base…

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Secret Materials Box

Ordering party: European Commission, Brussels

Development of a material box with which the European Commission can raise awareness of the innovation potential of materials science and material development. The initiative is aimed at the general…

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Haute innovation in teaching

Guest Lectures – Material Teaching

Clients: National and international universities and colleges

For two decades, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters and Diana Drewes are active with their expertise in teaching at more than 40 universities and colleges nationally and internationally.

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