INNODEX Materials Revolution

ELMIA Subcontractor 2013 · Jönköping/Sweden

12–15 November 2013

Pilz wachstum Mushroom growth

Mid-November the ELMIA Subcontractor in Jönköping brings together around 1,200 exhibitors from some 30 countries. It is Northern Europe’s leading trade show for subcontractors in the manufacturing industry and their customers. The organizer ELMIA invites Dr. Sascha Peters to held several lectures in the InnoDex area of the fair. In his presentations he will focus on smart, lightweight, and bio-based materials.

12 November 2013, 15:00
Smart Materials for Product Development and Design

Materials that change shape under pressure, coating that can clean the air or surfaces with self-healing qualities: Driven forward by nanotechnologies and bionics, it is now possible to produce materials with a whole range of additional functional benefits, which are altering the former view of materiality on a long-term basis. Multifunctional materials are replacing traditional solutions in a lot of different products. Dr. Sascha Peters will show some of the latest smart innovation.

13 November 2013, 12:00
Lightweight Construction with innovative Materials

In the coming years, the material resources are getting rare in many areas. While maintaining the lavish lifestyle of the western world we will soon have shortages of the available material resources. Not least, the success of electric vehicles depends crucially on lightweight solutions. In his presentation Dr. Sascha Peters will demonstrate the latest innovations in light-weight materials for vehicle construction and technical design.

14 November 2013, 12:00
The Future of biobased Materials and sustainable Innovation

Bio-plastics made by castor oil, bark based textiles for interior design, fibres produced by bacteria and mushrooms or functional enzyms to influence the surface of metal components. The world is seemingly undergoing radical change. Bio-based materials and product concepts that are sparing with resources are all gaining ground. Materials are to be more natural, healthier and more sustainable. Dr. Sascha Peters will present the latest material news and will show some examples for the use of sustainable materials in transportation design and construction.

15 November 2013, 12:45
Material Revolution 2

The significance of sustainable and smart materials in design and architecture has increased enormously over the last years. Following the huge success of the book “Material Revolution”, the second volume addresses the rapid development of material research. The author Dr. Sascha Peters will present the main contents of his new book and will show how development processes are going to change in future by using the new materials.

image: foam made of mycel mushroom (source: Ecovative Design)