Airmycelium - Mushroom foams for the biological cycle

Consumption in a Cycle

Ambiente 2023 · Conzoom Solutions Academy · Messe Frankfurt

3 February 2023, 12:30–13:00

Our economy is at the beginning of a transformation process towards a functioning circular economy. In the ideal of consumption, the available resources are no longer consumed, but circulate in biological and technical cycles as long as possible.

Consumption of the future must be thought of in terms of cycles

The way we deal with materiality will have to be redefined. This requires circular material innovations that ideally correspond to a circular understanding of climate-neutral consumption.

Waste no longer exists in the new circular thinking. Because the end of a product’s life is the beginning of a new one. Just as nature contains recyclables without exception, consumption in the cycle will continue to be possible in the future.

At the invitation of Messe Frankfurt, Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters will describe the framework conditions for a new culture of materiality for the Conzoom Academy and presents some of the latest developments.

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image: AirMycelium – Mushroom foams for the biological cycle (credit: Ecovative, USA)