ContiReTex Innodex Talks

InnoDex Talks

15-17 November 2022 · ELMIA Subcontractor · Sweden

Unique products, new materials and designs. Lectures by top names in design and development. The latest technology. Experts on hand to give advice. That and more is what visitors find in the inspiration and knowledge forum Subcontractor InnoDex.

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3D Druckt einer Stahlbruecke

3D printing in construction

1 December 2020 · Online-Event

With new digital technologies and additive manufacturing processes, construction will significantly change in the future. Methods for 3D printing of buildings are being developed worldwide that could revolutionize construction as we currently know it. The first mobile 3D printing systems have been on the market since 2018 ...

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4D Textilien - 4D-Drucken

4D printing for additive manufacturing

6 June 2019 · Offenbach

After additive manufacturing has developed rapidly in recent years, numerous research projects are currently concerned with expanding the range of materials for 3D printing. A few years ago this was still very limited for additive production, now ...

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Barktex - nachhaltige Materialien

Sustainable materials for architecture and design

14 April 2011 · Groß-Umstadt

In the fourth evening of the event series "Materials shape Product" of the action line Hessen-Nanotech of the Hessian Ministry of Economics, it's about the current dominant theme of material and product development, the issue of sustainability. We are close to a major turning point of our material culture ...

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Reactive and optical materials

27 January 2011 · Darmstadt

Material innovations of the next generation have additional qualities in addition to traditional functional aspects. For the user, the invisible qualities of applications change smarter and reactive materials expand enormously. Plastics get self-healing qualities, cracks can be closed automatically. ...

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Innovative lightweight construction for interior design, architecture and the automotive industry

18 November 2010 · Groß-Umstadt

The success of electric vehicles depends critically on whether it will make the automotive manufacturers to reduce the vehicle weight significantly or not. Above all, the plastics industry has in recent years developed, new high-strength lightweight materials, which are designed to replace the weighty metal body panels and glass panels ...

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Multifunctional materials for architects and designers

16 September 2010 · Kassel

Most building materials are old-fashioned materials and have nearly always been the companion of civilisation development. It is surprising that lately, a lot of new material developments until now, with unimagined potentials for construction, architecture and design have been discovered ...

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