Traceless - biocircular packaging - sustainable material

New materials for plastic sustainability

3rd World Plastic Connection Summit · São Paulo · Brazil

21 August, 2023

We are in a transformation process towards a circular economy that will change all sectors and industries. The plastics industry is undergoing a special change, because it is both a driver of material innovations and exposed to social and political pressure to establish sustainable production methods.

Circular business models with sustainable material innovations

Especially in view of the resource bottlenecks of recent times, there is an opportunity for an industry based on petrochemical processes to convert what has hitherto been based on the principles of linear management into a circular logic and to establish a large number of circular business models.

At the invitation of Think Plastic Brazil Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters is going to present some very interesting materials and technical innovations promoting the process of change. In particular, he will point out some exciting innovation options that are particularly open to the plastics industry in the biological circle.

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image: Bio-circular bottle based on PHA (credit: Cove)