Essence of Biocement Friedrich Gerlach Interzum biocircular materials

Low-impact materials for interior and design

interzum forum italy · Bergamo

7 June 2024, 3:30 p.m.

The most far-reaching material innovations can currently be observed in the biological cycle. Examples are boards made from coconut husk fibers and tannine binders, molecular wood colour treatment without using any chemicals, paper pulp acoustic materials or upholstery fillings made from cattails. The main aim is to significantly reduce negative impacts on ecology and climate change.

Biocircular and algae-based foam for seating

Recently a lot of start-up companies work with resources from the sea. In his presentation Dr. Sascha Peters will especially focus on these companies and will present a 100% algae-based foam for seating, leather alternatives made from fish skin and veneers made from seaweed.

Especially in the furniture and interior design industry, the trend towards biocircular materials can enormously increase material efficiency and significantly reduce emissions. On the other hand, plastic-free solutions support the establishment of closed cycles.

At the invitation of the interzum italy team, Dr. Sascha Peters will present some of the most exciting biocircular innovations for the furniture industry as well as highly interesting “low-impact materials”.

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image: Essence of Biocement (credit: Friedrich Gerlach, Julia Huhnholz)