Pass The Bones - Innovations for the circular economy

Sustainability Matters – Innovations for the circular economy

Interzum 2023 · Stage · KölnMesse

11 May 2023, 16:30–17:00

Wasting resources is neither ecologically nor economically sustainable. The linear economic model that has dominated up to now should urgently be replaced by the principle of the circular economy. Companies will have to take action and transform circular economy approaches into a holistic strategy in order to secure their sales in the long term.

Renewable materials for the circular economy

Efficient use of raw materials and the use of renewable materials should be implemented without compromise in the future. Waste must be minimized through optimized production processes and made accessible to other sectors. Because only together can we achieve the goal of a circular economy.

In her presentation, Diana Drewes from HAUTE INNOVATION from Berlin will show cutting-edge material innovations that bring the goal of a closed recycling economy within reach. In addition, she will present the content of the special area “Sustainability Matters” and will show the application potential for the furniture and interior industry.

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image: Pass the Bone (design: Ella Einhell)