BacTerra - Nicole Chrysikou - GRASSI Museum - Zukuenfte - Design - Material

Futures. Materials and design of tomorrow

21 November 2024–21. September 2025 · GRASSI Museum · Leipzig

Haute Innovation is responsible for the topic of biomaterials as part of the special exhibition "Futures" and puts together design innovations that are based on natural raw materials and are, if possible, biocircular.

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Foenikus Detail Sascha Linke Fraunhofer IWU Materialalternativen der Zukunft Futurium

Material treasures of the future

4 May 2024–1 June 2027 · Futurium · Berlin

As part of an exhibition, we show current and future material alternatives and explain their importance as treasures for the change to a climate-neutral circular economy.

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ProSweets Snackable Ingredients Caju Apple

Snackable Ingredients

28–31 January 2024 · ProSweets · Cologne

In the special “Ingreenients” area, Haute Innovation is showing unusual snack innovations from all over the world at ProSweets Cologne making the transformation process visible to the positive ecological conscience.

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ProSweets NotPla Biocircular Packaging

Biocircular packaging for the confectionery industry

28–31 January 2024 · ProSweets · Cologne

At ProSweets 2024, Haute Innovation is putting on a special exhibition on biocircular packaging for the confectionery industry. Innovations at the interface between biology and technology are predicted to have the greatest potential.

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Hexagon Hydrogen Storage - Subcontractor Innodex Materials

Subcontractor Materials 2023

14–16 November 2023 · Jönköping/Sweden

On behalf of ELMIA Subcontractor, Haute Innovation is putting on a the special exhibition "Innodex" with material innovations for the technical supply industry in the transformation process towards a circular economy ...

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Nachhaltiger Ladenbau mit Seawood - Photo: Jaqueline Fuifkschot

Sustainability Matters

9–12 May 2023 · Interzum · Cologne

With the central theme "Neo-Ecology", interzum 2023 sets a thematic focus to promote the transformation towards a circular economy. Haute Innovation will implement the special area "Sustainability Matters".

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bread box made of karuun rattan material - Sebastian Kommer

Circular Dining Materials

3–7 February 2023 · Ambiente · Frankfurt

On behalf of Messe Frankfurt, Haute Innovation will implement an exhibition on material-based innovations for tableware and highlight innovations from the biological cycle.

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Condensator from Paper Empa Subcontractor Materials

Subcontractor Materials 2022

15–17 November 2022 · Jönköping/Sweden

On the occasion of the ELMIA Subcontractor, Haute Innovation is implementing a special area with material innovations for the technical supply industry between digitization and decarbonization ... ...

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Orgatec - Materials4Future - Circular and sustainable interior solutions


25–29 October 2022 · Orgatec · Cologne

Under the title "Materials4Future", the future agency Haute Innovation is implementing a special area for the transformation towards sustainable materials at Orgatec 2022 and is presenting some of the latest innovations for the future of work ...

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Ingredients ProSweets 2022 Chip

ISM Ingredients 2022

30 January – 2 February 2022 · Pro Sweets/ISM · Cologne

The "Ingredients" event zone presents the most important trends in the confectionery industry and some innovative, sustainable new raw materials for savory snacks and sweet enjoyments.

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MMC Bremsbelag - Subcontractor

Subcontractor Materials Revolution 2021

9–12 November 2021 · Jönköping/Sweden

The subcontractor fair is the highlight for the technical supplier industry of the fair company ELMIA in Jönköping. In a special exhibition, Haute Innovation showed the latest innovations from ...

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Materials Urwahn Platzhirsch

Materials Revolution 2019

12–15 November 2019 · Jönköping

ELMIA`s Subcontractor is the leading fair in the field of technical supplies for the manufacturing industry in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The fair is a trendsetter and contact point for decision makers, engineers and designers. For the seventh time since 2013, Haute Innovations presented a special area with material innovations ...

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Disruptive Materials

21–24 May 2019 · Cologne

Innovative materials and developments in materials technology have always influenced mankind. Incremental advances lead to huge changes in technology and society. Researchers and directors of major, successful international companies believe we are on the verge of the next meaningful shift ...

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Harmonizing with Nature

29 April – 7 October 2019 · Beijing

At the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 in Beijing, Germany presented innovative ideas for future-oriented urban planning and sustainable urban development. Under the motto "Seeding the Future", the German contribution dealt with current aspects of the EXPO topic such as natural raw materials as the basis of a bio-based economy ...

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BUGA Fullgrown Chair

BUGA Materials Labyrinth

17 April – 6 October 2019 · Heilbronn

Whether insulating materials made of fireproof mushroom mycelium, grown architectural structures, building materials with natural binders from calcite-forming bacteria or hygroscopic facade elements that can open or close automatically in relation to the humidity: the Paris climate agreement provides the cornerstones for a building culture ...

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Foodstyle Zellulosenudeln

Foodstyles Menu

14–20 January 2019 · Cologne

Every person consumes around 43 kilograms of meat per year. Global meat production has quadrupled in the past five decades. Researchers expect that rising prosperity in the populous emerging economies and the food trend ...

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Biobrick Baumaterial

Building materials of the future

28/29 November 2018 · Frankfurt

In the next few years, there will be significant investments in new buildings. This applies to private construction projects as well as to public institutions. In the education sector in particular, it is important to resolve the renovation backlog that has arisen and to adapt the educational infrastructure to the requirements of society ...

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My Esel MDF Material

Materials Revolution 2018

13–16 November 2018 · Jönköping

After the great success of the last few years, HAUTE INNOVATION is putting together a special area for the sixth time since 2013 with trends on current material developments and technological innovations. The focus is on sustainability, smart materials, innovative lightweight construction, additive manufacturing and renewable energies ...

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Orgatec Materials Culture 2018

Materials Culture

23–27 October 2018 · Cologne

Under the motto "Culture@Work", Orgatec 2018 focused on the development of workplaces in different professional groups, industries and countries. While positions in some companies are still firmly bound to an office environment, some professional fields are becoming increasingly liberated from fixed working hours and a specific desk space. The future change processes ...

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Additive Urban Alps

Additive Hardware

4–7 March 2018 · Cologne

According to a current forecast by financial experts at ING Bank in the Netherlands, 50% of all goods will be manufactured with the help of 3D printers by 2060. It is therefore an opportunity, but also a must for the hardware industry, to deal with the potential of additive manufacturing. Because new business models are not only emerging for production companies ...

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TexLock Material

Materials Revolution 2017

14–17 November 2017 · Jönköping

The fair organized by ELMIA is the leading fair in the field of technical supplies for the manufacturing industry in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. For the fifth time already HAUTE INNOVATION has been invited to Sweden with the aim of implementing and presenting a trend show on material innovations ...

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Waterpark - Squid London

Waterpark Materials

7–10 November 2017 · Cologne

Antibacterial and water-repellent surfaces made from birch bark, tiles from recycled building rubble, glass tiles with a calming scent or concrete slabs with retroreflective qualities: these are just a few of the many innovations of recent years that could revolutionize bathroom construction. In a joint special show at FSB / Aquanale 2017 ...

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Circular Thinking Bottle Wall

Circular Thinking

16–19 May 2017 · Cologne

The handling of existing resources and the adaptation of industrial production to closed material cycles will become more and more important for the industrial societies in the forthcoming decade. The orientation steering away from the consumption of a resource and leading to its use is of crucial importance ...

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Materials Revolution 2016

8–11 November 2016 · Jönköping

For the fourth time, HAUTE INNOVATION was invited to Sweden on the occasion of ELMIA`s Subcontractor in Jönköping to put on a trend show on material innovations from the past year, with highlights relating to new developments in the areas of smart materials, sustainable material solutions and additive manufacturing ...

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Smart Office Materials

25–29 October 2016 · Cologne

In consequence of the increasing digitalization and the large number of technical innovations the society is undergoing a strong change at present. New communication and production systems have an impact above all on our working culture and make the working place more flexible. Where standardized office atmospheres were formerly found one now speaks about open ...

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Global Material Innovations 2016

25–29 April 2016 · Hanover

Car seats made of soya bean foamed material, textiles made of pineapple and orange fibers, a printed lightweight vehicle for the Power Screwdriver Race and a shape memory material for an auto-assembling space research platform are only some of the innovations that will be shown on the occasion of this special exhibition. New raw material sources and bio-based solutions ...

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3D-Printing for Interior and Design

10–12 March 2016 · Singapore

After additive manufacturing processes have already opened up fields of application in medical technology and aviation, manufacturers of consumer goods are now entering the technology sector. Designers in particular are increasingly driving innovations in the furniture and interior sectors ...

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Smart Energy

20–30 November 2015 · Ludwigshafen

By means of the Creator Space Tour BASF celebrates 150 years of its existence in 2015. Being the biggest corporate group in the chemical industry worldwide, the company assumes a very special responsibility in terms of innovation and will initiate intercultural innovation processes at six locations with the aim of finding solutions for the large challenges of the world community ...

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Materials Revolution 2015

10–13 November 2015 · Jönköping

After the great success of the innovation show last year, HAUTE INNOVATION was invited again in 2015 to implement a special area for the latest developments in the areas of material-based technologies, bio-based solutions and innovative lightweight construction concepts. 3D printing and additive manufacturing ...

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Additive Manufacturing Show 2015

5–8 May 2015 · Cologne

The potentials of generative manufacture and three-dimensional printing have been developing in the past two years into a serious alternative for the conventional production technologies. In combination with the possibilities of the internet some experts are already talking about a forthcoming process of change ...

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Global Material Innovations 2015

13–17 April 2015 · Hanover

Driven by the need to move away from petrochemical products towards a bioeconomy, bio-based materials have been developed that will replace conventional materials. The transition into the age of electromobility has brought about lightweight construction innovations that help reduce energy consumption ...

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Materials Revolution 2014

11–14 November 2014 · Jönköping

The ELMIA Subcontractor fair in Sweden is the most important exhibition for the technical supplying industry in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. HAUTE INNOVATION organized and implemented an innovation fair for exciting material-based technologies.

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Smart Office Materials

21–25 October 2014 · Cologne

The materials used in modern working environments are changing enormously. Sustainable solutions based on biological resources and those that are beneficial to health are becoming just as important as lightweight construction solutions for mobile work, multifunctional materials and smart materials. In tomorrow's office environment ...

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Sustainable Design Materials

26–30 May 2014 · Berlin

Spurred on by a newly flaring up environmental awareness in society, designers and material manufacturers alike are looking for alternative materials based on natural resources and biological residues. What the environmental organizations have been warning for years is being prepared at high speed ...

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Smart Sustainable Materials

13–16 May 2013 · Cologne

Aircleaning tiles for kitchens and bathrooms, light-transmissive wood for home use or concrete surfaces with touchscreen function: the complexity of the performance criteria which nowadays are required of materials and products for the design of furniture or interior fittings require more and more frequently material solutions ...

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Future Thinking Materials

5–7 February 2013 · London

Future Thinking will highlight the thinking that goes into the development and selection of materials for architecture and design and is a hugely popular display of emerging materials and technology influencing the work of architects & designers ...

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