Future Thinking Materials

Innovation exhibition at the Surface Design Show 2013

5–7 February 2013, London

Location: Business Design Centre (52 Upper Street, Islington, London)
Organizer: Montgomery London
Conception & Materials selection: Dr. Sascha Peters
Materials Talk: 6 February 2013, 16:30-17:30

Future Thinking is highlighting the thinking that goes into the development and selection of materials for architecture and design and is a hugely popular display of emerging materials and technology influencing the work of architects & designers. Discover light relecting concrete (Blingcrete), new cellular metals (Hollomet), textiles from the bark of a tree (Barkcloth) or a chair that is produced in the magnetic field (Gravity Stool) and how these can be used to enhance design projects.

Future Thinking was held in collaboration with Dr Sascha Peters from Haute Innovation, an innovation consultant and materials specialist from Berlin/Germany.


The Future Thinking Materials were:
– Blingcrete: retroreflective concrete
– Hollomet: Metallic hollow spherical structures
– BarkCloth and BarkTex: Material innovations made from bark cloth
– Organoid Technologies: 3D natural fiber molded parts
– Gravity Stool: shaping in a magnetic field
– REY Stone: decorative paper made from sugar production waste
– Makrolon Ambient: Highly insulating plastic multi-skin sheets with airgel filling
– Ambient Glow Technology
– 3D Wood: Printed wood
– FutureCarbon: CNT surface heating


image: Gravity Stool (design: Jólan van der Wiel)