Smart Energy

Innovation exhibition on the occasion of the BASF Creator Space Tour 2015

20–30 November 2015, Ludwigshafen

Location: BASF Standort Ludwigshafen
Organizer: BASF
Materials selection and didactics: Dr. Sascha Peters
Exhibition design
: Diana Drewes

By means of the Creator Space Tour BASF celebrates 150 years of its existence in 2015. Being the biggest corporate group in the chemical industry worldwide, the company assumes a very special responsibility in terms of innovation and will initiate intercultural innovation processes at six locations with the aim of finding solutions for the large challenges of the world community. The provision of clean drinking water in India, the realization of a sustainable agriculture in South America, the intelligent control of consumption in the Chinese metropolises or the creation and implementation of an energy supply that is completely based on the use of regenerative energy sources are some of the central subjects which will be discussed at the different tour stops.

After stations in Shanghai, Mumbai, New York, Barcelona und Sao Paulo the subjects of smart energy supply, energy harvesting and intelligent energy storage will be focused during the platform events at Ludwigshafen. HAUTE INNOVATION was invited to realize an innovation exhibition by showing some of the most exciting developments in the field of regenerative, decentralized and independent energy supply systems.

Highlights of the exhibition were:

– Moss FM: photo microbial fuel cells (Fabienne Felder, Zürich/University of Cambridge)
– Blue Freedom microturbine: The smallest hydroelectric power plant of the world (Aquakin, Dresden)
– Airborne wind energy (Enerkite GmbH, Teltow)
– Solari portable solar cooker (Bodin Hon, Istituto di Design Milano)
– Energy bracelet with thermoelectric energy supply (Fraunhofer IIS, Nürnberg)
– Kraftwerk: Minifuel cell for the trouser pocket (eZelleron, Dresden)
– BIQ Haus: Smart algae façade (ARUP, Berlin/London)

image: Blue Freedom microturbine – The smallest hydroelectric power plant of the world (Aquakin, Dresden)

image: Moss FM – photo microbial fuel cells (Fabienne Felder, Zurich/University of Cambridge)