Materials Revolution 2014

Innovation exhibition for the supplier industry

11–14 November 2014, Jönköping/Sweden

Location: Elmia Subcontractor, Jönköping
Organizer: ELMIA
Materials selection and didactics: Dr. Sascha Peters
Exhibition design
: Diana Drewes

The ELMIA Subcontractor fair in Jönköping/Schweden is the most important exhibition for the technical supplying industry in Northern Europe and Skandinavia. HAUTE INNOVATION organized and implemented an innovation fair for exciting material-based technologies. The more than 15.000 visitors was given the opportunity to view and contemplate exhibits made from bio-based, resource-conserving and intelligent materials and by means of generative manufacturing technologies.

Highlights of the exhibition with about 60 exhibits on 150 qm were:

– Opening mechanism for an aircraft luggage rack made from shape memory alloys (Fraunhofer IWU, Chemnitz)
– FlexiMould (Optimal Forming Solutions, The Netherlands)
– EDAG Genesis – Generatively produced car body (EDAG Engineering AG, Fulda)
– Four-dimensional printing with shape memory material (MIT, USA)
– Bamboo Composite Material (Future City Lab, Singapore)
– Wooden eBike – Electrical bicycle made from ash lamellas (aceTeam, Berlin)
– Sea Chair Project (Studio Swines, London)
– Bicycle frame made from veneering (LignoTube, Dresden)
– Generatively produced metal parts for the aircraft industry (Lasercusing, Germany)
– Selfharding silicone compound for glueing and sealing (Sugru, London)
– Elastic plywood for automobiles (Ply Project, Japan)
– Printed shaped part made from biodegradable filament (two bears, Germany)
– Hand plane with a core of mushroom rigid foam (Ecovative Design, USA)
– PoroLay – for porous three-dimensional printing (CC-Products, Cologne)

image: ELMIA