Global Material Innovations 2015

special area: Innovative materials for the technical supply industrye

13–17 April 2015, Hanover

Location: Hannover Messe, Industrial Supply, Halle 6
Organizer: Deutsche Messe
Materials selection and didactics: Dr. Sascha Peters
Exhibition design
: Diana Drewes

70 percent of all innovations are based on improvements in the field of materials. The multitude of innovative materials which have been developed in the past years by companies and research institutes have opened up new potentials for some important industrial sectors and the entire supplying industry branch. Motivated by the necessity of refraining from petrochemical products and using bio-ecological products, bio-based materials were developed with the aim of replacing conventional materials. The transition to the age of electromobility has generated lightweight innovations which help to reduce the energy input and the consumption of resources. The further development of generative manufacturing technologies and innovations in the field of smart materials and intelligent surfaces will advance this trend further.

On behalf of Deutsche Messe AG, HAUTE INNOVATION will organize and implement a particular exhibition space showing innovative materials for the supplying industry and integrating all these aspects. The fair visitors can view and contemplate numerous new materials and products which have been manufactured by means of innovative material technologies.

Highlights of the exhibition with 80 exhibitions on about 200 sqm were:
– Aerographite: Lightest material of the world (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany)
– ALGIX: Algae-based Duroplast (Algix, USA)
– Antiseptic handles made of birchbark (Betula Manus, Germany)
– Steel Rotation: Inflated lightweight structure (Zieta Prozessdesign, Wroclav/Poland)
– Moss Radio: Photo Microbial Fuel Cells (University of Cambridge, Great Britain, Design: Fabienne Felder)
– Mushroom Material: Buoyancy aids made from mushroom rigid foam (Ecovative Design, USA)
– Nanocellulose 3D shaped body (Polymet Jena, Germany)
– RoboFold: Origami folded lightweight structure (Robofold, Great Britain)
– Magnetorheological elastomere (Fraunhofer ISC, Germany)
– Printed high-duty ceramics (Lithoz, Austria)
– Fuel filler flap with control made from memory shape alloys (Fraunhofer IWU, Germany)
– BioFila: Stool printed with a biobased filament (twoBEars, Germany, Design:Thorsten Franck)
– 3D Weaver Loom: Printed auxetic structures for the textile industry (Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Great Britain)

image source: Diana Drewes