My Esel - MDF Bike - circular design materials

Materials Revolution 2018

Material developments and innovations for the technical supplier industry

13–16 November 2018, Jönköping/Sweden

Location: Elmia Subcontractor, Jönköping
Organizer: ELMIA
Materials selection and Didactics: Dr. Sascha Peters
Exhibition design
: Diana Drewes

The Subcontractor fair organized by ELMIA is the leading fair in the field of technical supplies for the manufacturing industry in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The fair is a trendsetter and contact point for decision makers, engineers and designers. After the great successes of recent years, HAUTE INNOVATION was setting up a special area with trends on current material developments and technology innovations for the sixth time since 2013. The focus was on sustainability, smart materials, innovative lightweight construction, additive manufacturing and renewable energies.

Highlights of the exhibition with 90 exhibits on almost 200 square meters were:
– 3D-printed metal bridge (MX3D, Amsterdam)
– World’s first machine tool motor spindle from carbon (Carbon Drive GmbH, Germany)
– Foldable wheel (Andrea Mocellin, Italy)
– Material made from wine trester and Carnauba wax (Katharina Hölz, Trier)
– Eucalyptus board (Pladec, Portugal)
– LAAB: Lamps made from fallen leaves (MIYUCA, Italy)
– Ecocarat water absorbing tiles (LIXIL, Japan)
– 3D glass printing (Glassomer, Germany)
– Timber bicycle (Niko Alber, Germany)
– eBike made from MDF (My Esel, Linz/Austria)

image: eBike made from MDF (source: My Esel, Linz/Austria)