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Highly advanced materials for a circular and digital world

Material innovations for the technical supplier industry

15–17 November 2022, Jönköping/Sweden

Location: Elmia Subcontractor Trade Show, Jönköping/Sweden
Area: InnoDex, hall C

European industries are in the midst of several transformation processes. Within the next decade, the foundations for the change from a linear economic structure towards a circular economy based on renewable energies will be laid.

Material innovations play an important role in the transformation of the technical supply industry. On the one hand, they form the basis for the decarbonisation of production and transport, and on the other hand, their use is crucial for the development of circular business models.

On behalf of the Swedish trade fair company ELMIA, HAUTE INNOVATION had been commissioned to implement a special area on the latest innovations for the industry under the title “Highly advanced materials for a circular and digital world” on the occasion of the fair.

Elmia Subcontractor Innodex 2022 - Highly advanced materials
Elmia Subcontractor Materials Innodex 2022

The Subcontractor is the highlight for the technical supply industry of the trade fair company ELMIA in Jönköping. The event is one of the leading events for the manufacturing industry in Northern Europe and Scandinavia and is the contact point for decision-makers, engineers and designers.

Some of the highlights of the exhibition with around 90 exhibits on 200 square meters were:

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