Global Material Innovations 2016

special area: Innovative materials for the technical supply industry

25–29 April 2016, Hanover

Location: Hanover fair ground, Industrial Supply, hall 6
Organizer: Deutsche Messe
Materials selection and didactics: Dr. Sascha Peters
Exhibition design
: Diana Drewes

Car seats made of soya bean foamed material, textiles made of pineapple and orange fibers, a printed lightweight vehicle for the Power Screwdriver Race and a shape memory material for an auto-assembling space research platform are only some of the innovations that will be shown on the occasion of this special exhibition. New raw material sources and bio-based solutions revolutionize the material technology for the supplying industry. Innovative lightweight construction solutions combined with additive technologies show a way towards a material efficient closed substance cycle waste management.

The large number of new material developments in economy and research are an indication of a change of our industrial culture towards a system that manages with less resources, prefers lightweight construction solutions, keeps final resources in cycle and uses bio-based resources in high-quality products. Conventional materials are replaced in many applications.

After the last year’s outstanding success, HAUTE INNOVATION on behalf of Deutsche Messe AG in 2016 set up another special exhibition in the field of innovative materials for the supplying industry. The visitors gazed a large number of new materials and products that were based on innovative material technologies.

Highlights of the exhibition with 80 exhibits on 200 sqm were:

– Shape memory PU-foam for Thumbsat (Noumenon Design, Belgium; Thumbsat, Mexico)
– Almond shell based masterbatches (mastAlmond, Spain)
– BioFlexi bendable HDF (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
– Soy-based polyurethane foam (Ford, USA)
– Printed vehicle for the Power Screwdriver Race 2016 (HAWK, Germany)
– Swing Harvester (Hahn-Schickard-Gesellschaft, Freiburg)
– Rice husks fiber plastic (8pandas, Hong-Kong)
– REFLECT-o-LAY: retro-reflective 3D-printing filament (cc-products, Köln)
– Piñatex textiles made from pineapple fibres (Ananas Anam Ltd, London)
– CNT-reinforced ceramics (Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany)
– Interior panels made from coffee ground and PLA (PLADEC, Portugal)
– Bicycle helmet made from linen fibers (Egide Apollo, Paris)
– Wear compensation for ball screws by means of shape memory alloy actuators (Fraunhofer IWU, Dresden)
– Cellufoam: highly porous material consisting of nanocellulose (Cellutech, Sweden)

image: Bicycle helmet made from linen fibers (Egide Apollo, Paris)