Harmonizing with Nature

Special exhibition as part of the German contribution to the Horticultural EXPO 2019

29 April – 7 October 2019, Beijing

Location: Yanqing near Beijing in China
Client: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Execution company: Hamburg Fair and Congress GmbH (HMC)

At the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 in Beijing, Germany presented innovative ideas for future-oriented urban planning and sustainable urban development. Under the motto “Seeding the Future”, the German contribution of the bidding consortium Kontrapunkt Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH from Hamburg and gtp2 architects from Düsseldorf dealt with current aspects of the EXPO topic such as natural raw materials as the basis of a bio-based economy and trends on an area of 425 square meters like urban gardening in big cities. Along a historical sequence, various aspects of the development of horticulture in relation to industrial development in Germany were dealt with and placed in a context to current Chinese developments.

As part of the “Harmonizing with Nature” exhibition area, natural raw materials were understood as the basis for a bio-based economy. On behalf of the communications agency Kontrapunkt, Haute Innovation was commissioned to put together a collection of exhibits with targeted ideas and concepts for resource and environmentally neutral production. The exhibits included, for example, corn boots made from corn starch, compostable reusable cups made of sunflower-fiber-reinforced plastic or furniture with seats made of antiseptic birch bark.

More details to the German contribution: www.kontrapunkt.de/zuschlag-gartenbau-expo-peking

image: Corn boots (source: K&T Shoes)

Exhibition pictures: Kontrapunkt