Building material of the future

Special exhibition on material innovations for sustainable building

28/29 November 2018, Frankfurt

Location: Schulbaumesse 2018, Jahrhunderthalle (Pfaffenwiese 301, Frankfurt am Main)
Organizer: Cubus Medien Verlag
Materials selection: Dr. Sascha Peters

In the next few years, there will be significant investments in new buildings. This applies to private construction projects as well as to public institutions. In the education sector in particular, it is important to resolve the renovation backlog that has arisen and to adapt the educational infrastructure to the requirements of society. The funds available should be used in a price-conscious and sustainable manner.

Currently, the possibilities of different construction measures, the increased use of the topic of “serial construction”, the use of smart materials and particularly sustainable solutions as well as the use of additive technologies to reduce construction costs are being discussed.

In the special exhibition “Building Materials of the Future”, HAUTE INNOVATION showed some of the latest innovations for new and sustainable building on the occasion of the school construction fair.

image: Biobrick, made with calcite-forming bacteria (bioMASON, USA)