4th Industrial Revolution - Additive Manufacturing Show 2015

Exhibition on generative manufacturing methods for design and architecture

5–8 May 2015, Cologne

Location: Interzum “Innovation of Interior”, KölnMesse, hall 4.2
Organizer: KölnMesse
Materials selection and didactics: Dr. Sascha Peters
Exhibition design: Diana Drewes

The potentials of generative manufacture and three-dimensional printing have been developing in the past two years into a serious alternative for the conventional production technologies. In combination with the possibilities of the internet some experts are already talking about a forthcoming process of change that might have the consequences of an industrial revolution. After the direct additive production already having opened up several fields of application in the medical engineering and aircraft industry, generative manufacturing methods are more and more discussed within the context of the furniture industry and interior design. At present, designers and architects are exploring the possibilities of feasible applications. The results are astonishing and promising. This was one of the reasons why the organizers of the Interzum 2015 fair presented this subject at a particular exhibition space.

On behalf of KölnMesse HAUTE INNOVATION presented the potentials of generative manufacture and the possibilities of this new technology for the furniture and interior designers within the scope of a special exhibition space called “Innovation of Interior” in the area of hall 4.2 at the Interzum fair. On the basis of some outstanding projects, the exhibits visualized the potentials of possible applications and the benefits of the process chains of additive technologies. Live presentations of some selected manufacturers introduced the fair visitors into the spectacular world of three-dimensional printing.

Highlights of the exhibition with 95 exhibits on about 400 qm were:
– Habitat imprimé: Printed Interior (In-Flexions, photograph: Aurélien Dupuis)
– BIG Rep: The world’s biggest series 3D printer (BIG Rep, Berlin)
– Printed ODD Guitars (Olaf Diegel, Lund/Sweden)
– LayWood: Wood filament for a 3D printer (ccproducts, Cologne)
– Cement printing technology (Asko Fromm, University of Kassel)
– Fresnel Lights (Studio Vander Kooij, Zandam/NL)
– Sketch kollektion (Design Front, Stockholm)
– Mycelium Veiled Lady (Eric Klarenbeek, Zaandam/NL)
– Minibuilders robots for additive architecture (Petr Novikov, Saša Jokić, Barcelona)
– Mcor SDL paper printer (Picco`s 3D World, Germany)
– iRapid: Dual-extruder technology for printing with two materials (iRapid, Germany)
– BioFila: Stool printed with a biobased filament (twoBEars, Germany, Design:Thorsten Franck)
– 3D Weaver Loom: Printed auxetic structures for the textile industry (Oluwaseyi Sosanya, Great Britain)
– Bartoidea chair (Peter Donders, Belgium)
– Keystones furniture with printed connectors (Studio Minale-Maeda, Rotterdam/NL)


images: KölnMesse