Materials Revolution 2017

trend show on material innovations for the technical supply industry

14–17 November 2017, Jönköping/Sweden

Location: Elmia Subcontractor, Jönköping
Organizer: ELMIA
Materials selection and didactics: Dr. Sascha Peters
Exhibition design
: Diana Drewes

For the fifth time already HAUTE INNOVATION has been invited to Sweden on the occasion of subcontractor fair taking place in Jönköping with the aim of implementing and presenting a trend show on material innovations that have been developed in the past few years. This fair organized by ELMIA is the leading fair in the field of technical supplies for the manufacturing industry in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The fair is a trendsetter and contact point for decision makers, engineers and designers. The special exhibition will display innovative materials for the industry’s product developers, engineers and designers. Organised by renowned materials specialist Dr. Sascha Peters the exhibition will present new solutions in the context of sustainability, lightweight solutions and smart materials.

Highlights of the exhibition with 85 exhibits on 180 square meters were:
– Karuun Rattan Composite (out for space, Kißlegg)
– Pressure-resistent packaging material made from pure lignocellulose (Fraunhofer WKI, Brunswick)
– Bamboo lightweigt composites (arundoobiomaterials, Boxenden/Germany)
– Wootex: Material from used textiles (Wootex, NL)
– Textile made from Kambucha (Diana Drewes, Berlin)
– Piñatex (Ananas Anam Ltd., London)
– Biomaterial from green lacewing silk (Fraunhofer IAP, Potsdam-Golm)
– Hair waste swing (Sanne Visser, NL)
– 3D printed electronics (Neotech AMT, Nuremberg)
– Artichoke thistle fiber composites (Spyros Kizis, Greece)
– BIG 3D metal printing (Gefertec, Berlin)
– Shell Homage: bioplastic made with these shells without toxic chemicals (Rania Elkalla, Egypt)
– Transparent wood (WooDoo, Paris)
– 3D-printed hyper-board (Faraday Motion, Berlin)
– Open Rugs: 3D printed carpet with flock coating (Studio Plot, Eindhoven)
– Blue Freedom: Smallest water plant in the world (Blue Freedom, Diessen)
– 3D printing inflatable structures (Fergal Coulter, Dublin University, Ireland)
– Textile bicycle lock (tex–lock, Leipzig)
– Mapuguaquén hand-thrown clay speakers (Documentary Design, Chile)

image: Textile bicycle lock (source: tex–lock, Leipzig)