ProSweets NotPla Biocircular Packaging

Biocircular packaging for the confectionery industry

Special area focussing on packaging materials for the biological cycle

28–31 January 2024, Cologne

location: ProSweets Cologne, hall 10.1, stand H 040
organizer: Koelnmesse
material selection and didactics: Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters

The societies of the European Union are on the way to a “circular economy”. The shift from an economy based on a linear understanding of how resources are used to a circular one will transform all industries. In line with the European Green Deal, the resources available to us should be kept in circulation for as long as possible.

Packaging makes up half of the litter in the sea

In this context, packaging is a particular focus, as it has a significant impact on the environment. They are among the products for which the most primary raw materials are used. In addition, packaging causes air and soil pollution and accounts for about half of all marine litter.

In mid-2021, a large number of single-use plastic products were therefore banned in the EU. Industry and consumers must be prepared for further measures. Confectionery companies that proactively embrace change as an opportunity to innovate will have growth opportunities in the marketplace. Some of the most recent developments show the way to a biocircular packaging industry.

Whether it’s cellulose, alginates or polyhydroxyalkanoates, the future belongs to packaging systems that have all the necessary properties of a protective coating and that naturally decompose in nature after use. Innovations at the interface between biology and technology are predicted to have the greatest potential.

image credit: Diana Drewes