MMC Bremsbelag - Subcontractor

Materials Revolution 2021

Innovations for the technical supplier industry

9–12 November 2021 · Jönköping/Sweden

Location: Elmia Subcontractor Trade Show, Jönköping/Sweden
Area: InnoDex, hall C

The subcontractor fair is the highlight for the technical supplier industry of the trade fair in Jönköping. The event is one of the leading events for the manufacturing industry in Northern Europe and Scandinavia and is the point of contact for decision-makers, constructors and designers. After the trade fair could not take place in 2020 due to corona, the restart took place in November 2021 with a new concept and future-oriented content.

HAUTE INNOVATION supported the trade fair event for the eighth time since 2013 with a special area dedicated to the latest innovations for the industry. The focus was on functional materials and smart materials, high-tech materials for additive production and sustainability.

Subcontractor Tech Arena 2021 Materials
Subcontractor Tech Arena 2021 Material
Swiss Wood Card ELMIA

Highlights of the exhibition with around 60 exhibits on 100 sqm are:

  • Highly densified wood as a metal replacement (Swiss Wood Solutions, Zurich/Switzerland)
  • 3D printed lamp made of orange peel (Krill Design, Milan/Italy)
  • Snowboard binding made of coffee grounds composite (Kaffeeform, Berlin; Nitro, USA)
  • Shimmering Wood – structural colour on wooden surfaces (Aalto University/Finland)
  • Ceramic Hoodie (Vollebak, London; Schoeller Textiles, Switzerland)
  • Ultraleggera – The lightest chair in the world (Oskar Zieta, Wroclaw/Poland)
  • Endless glass fiber reinforced 3D printed bicycle frame (moi composites srl, Milan/Italy; Autodesk, Copenhagen/Denmark)
  • Magnetocaloric materials (Vacuumschmelze, Hanau/Germany)
  • 3D printed furniture made from wearpure printing material for storing carbon dioxide (Noumena, Barcelona/Spain)
  • Brake pads with significantly reduced fine dust (Applied Nano Surfaces, Germany), image

Further information about the fair is available at: