Materials Urwahn Platzhirsch

Materials Revolution 2019

New materials and technological innovation for the technical supply industry

12–15 November 2019, Jönköping/Sweden

Location: Elmia Subcontractor, Jönköping
Organizer: ELMIA
Material selection and didactics: Dr. Sascha Peters
Exhibition design
: Diana Drewes

The Subcontractor fair organized by ELMIA is the leading fair in the field of technical supplies for the manufacturing industry in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. The fair is a trendsetter and contact point for decision makers, engineers and designers. For the seventh time already HAUTE INNOVATION has been invited to display new materials and innovative technologies for the industry’s product developers, engineers and designers. Organised by renowned materials specialist Hon.-Prof. Dr. Sascha Peters the exhibition presented new solutions in the context of sustainability, lightweight solutions and smart materials.

Some highlights of the show with 80 exhibits on 200 sqm were:
– Water-based graphene dispersion as conductive ink (Graphen Tec, Germany)
– Algae Lab 3D-Printing (Eric Klarenbeek, LUMA Arles, France)
– Blood Sneaker (Shahar Livne, Eindhoven; K&T Thies, Germany)
– Morphables: Programmable Textiles (Cathryn McAnespy, Ireland)
– ALWE Algae Filter Wall (Solaga, Berlin)
– 3D printed heart (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
– Shave3 Raser with magnetic shape memory alloy (Fraunhofer IWU, ETO Magnetics, BURG Halle, Germany)
– Additive manufacturing with amorphous metals (Heraeus Additive Manufacturing, Germany)
– Urine Ware (Sinae Kim, Seoul/Korea)

image: Urwahn Platzhirsch – Bicycle with a 3D printed frame (source: Urwahn)