Innodex Materials Innovation 2014

ELMIA Subcontractor · Jönköping/Schweden

11.–13. November 2014

11. November 2014, 15.00-15.30
Materials Revolution – Sustainable and Lightweight materials for engineering and design„, Dr. Sascha Peters, Haute Innovation, Germany

Today, ever scarcer resources are compelling manufacturers of materials to enhance the efficiency of those they offer and to support sustainable products and industrial design by lowering the materials’ weight – this can take the form of folds, crystal-like structures, sinusshaped honeycombs, ring elements, or foamed sections. Another trend is the paradigma shift of the petrochemical industry into a product culture in favor of bio-based methods. In his speech Dr. Sascha Peters will present some outstanding innovations of sustainable materials and lightweight solutions, that are mentioned in his latest book „Materials Revolution 2“.

12. November 2014, 11:15-11:45
Materials Innovation for additive manufacturing processes„, Dr. Sascha Peters, Haute Innovation, Germany

With the upcoming importance of 3D-printing, lasersintering and Co. for direct product manufacturing some new materials innovative for additive technologies appeared in the last year. Material producers prepare themselves for the upcoming change of the production systematics in some major industrial areas. This goes hand in hand with the development of generative and additive manufacturing processes. Dr. Sascha Peters is using examples from the InnoDex materials exhibition to show some of the latest innovations for the direct digital manufacturing.

13. November 2014, 12.00-12.30
Smart Engineering Materials – Smart solutions for advanced products„, Dr. Sascha Peters, Haute Innovation, Germany

Piezoelectric ceramics, thermal and magnetic shape memory alloys, photochromatic plastics, dielectric elastomers and self healing solutions are a new group of designed materials that will have a great impact of the next generation of advanced products. Smart materials have additional functions and react to changes of the environment. They are very much interesting for engineers and designers, because they can reduce the design complexity and improve the efficiency of materials resources. In his presentation Dr. Sascha Peters will show some of the latest developments of smart materials.

Bild: Nemus Fahrrad mit Lignotubes (Quelle: LignoTube Technologies)