DMY Materials Workshop 2011 Berlin

DMY Materials 2011

Innovation workshop on new materials

Ordering party: DMY Berlin GmbH & Co. KG

DMY Berlin was an international platform for contemporary product design. Every year DMY presented the International Design Festival Berlin, where famous as well as young designers could show new products, prototypes and experimental concepts. An enormous program of symposia, designer-talks and workshops, suggesting the theme of temporary design, accompanied the exhibition. Reflect on necessary future tendencies of product design as well as to show adjoined disciplines. The main focus was the examination and representation of material and technologies as foundation of new user relevant problem solutions in conception and shaping.

Martin Beeh and Dr. Sascha Peters offered three full days at the DMY Materials Workshop with the goal being; the development of new usage scenarios for material innovation in context to open-innovation and co-creation. At the impressive scenery of the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport professional, creative, designer and architects were called upon, in different themed innovation workshops, to develop a product base for interesting material. As we say: 70 per cent of all product innovations are being based on new material.

– 21 project partners from industry and science
– More than 80 all-day workshop participants (professionals, scientists, students)
– More than 1200 active visitors at the accompanied exhibition
– Great media interest at the event