Eco Commercial Building Program

Communication development for a sustainability network

Ordering party: Bayer MaterialScience AG

If roof-top integrated solar elements, solar thermo installations for heating up water, intelligent usage of daylight, a building lit up by LED-lights, polyurethane insulation, glazing made of polycarbonate, or services from the initial analysis over the making of energy concepts in their early planning, all until certifying the ready made building:

The Eco Commercial Building Program from Bayer MaterialScience offers decision-makers of the construction industry an integrated concept for energy and cost-efficient building. With their worldwide interdisciplinary member network, the Eco Commercial Building Programme is helping to deal with public and commercial buildings in many regions of the world under observation of the highest energy efficiency standards. The Eco Commercial Building Program is bundling up the skilled knowledge and the competence of Bayer MaterialScience and the networking individuals.

A web-based platform layout for the network internal communication and a presentation of the ECB Program performances were developed in this project, and the textualised solution was realised.

image source: Bayer MaterialScience AG