Salix3D Innovationsworkshop Sustainable Materials

Innovation workshop "Sustainable Materials"

Application scenarios and product ideas with and for sustainable material developments

Ordering party: Black Red White S.A., Poland

In the last few years especially young designers in particular have identified unusual resources and almost forgotten bio-based material sources in search of sustainable and circular solutions. The conscious use of biomass and so far little-used residues are the focus of a whole range of new materials that should be of particular interest to furniture manufacturers and the interior industry. By establishing new value chains for locally available biomass, the aspect of resource efficiency is taken into account and the way to a climate-neutral economy is paved.

During a half-day innovation workshop in Poznan, the design and development department of the Polish furniture manufacturer was presented with some of the latest sustainable material innovations and worked on application scenarios and product ideas for the company. The main aim was to work out concepts for the use of natural resources and residual materials in the border region to Ukraine that would be particularly suitable for furniture production.

Black Red White S.A. is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Eastern Europe. With its own brands the company operates in Poland, Ukraine, the USA and Canada. The range includes traditional furniture systems as well as modern office furniture and wood-based panels, MDF and solid wood. Black Red White S.A. employs over 6,000 people in almost 20 production sites. With a total production volume of more than 180,000,000 m² of furniture panels and the trading of 7,000,000 pieces of furniture per year, BRW is one of the ten leading furniture manufacturers in the world.