RWE Future Materials Collection

Future Materials Collection

Material sample box for the early recording of the potential of material innovations for traditional industrial companies

Client: RWE AG

70% of all technical innovations are based on new materials. With a view to the numerous new materials of the recent past and the groundbreaking developments in some important research fields, a rapid change in our industrial system and product culture and a change in the business models of many companies can be assumed in the next few years. A decarbonized industry focuses on the awareness of the environmentally friendly use of resources, thinking in terms of material cycles, smart material applications with the integration of functions in the material and the further development of regenerative energy technologies.

RWE AG like to benefit from the numerous innovations in the material sector and conducts comprehensive forecast analyzes in order to derive new application scenarios for interesting new developments. The innovation team at RWE AG commissioned HAUTE INNOVATION with the implementation of a material sample box in order to be informed about some exciting current material innovations.

As a result, the Materials Collection contained a total of 20 materials and technologies in the context of the offers from RWE AG and was delivered to the innovation team in 10 copies. The property profile of the individual materials was described and the contacts to the manufacturer was documented. The functional models and demonstrators invited people to experiment and triggered approaches to unusual innovation scenarios.

image: Future Materials Collection (photo: Diana Drewes)