Lotusblume - Geröstestete Lotussamen

Roasted lotus seeds

Nutritious and sustainable snack for in between meals

10 January, 2024

Lotus seeds can be found in every supermarket in Asia. They are valued as a gluten-free and healthy snack and are available in many different flavors. Growing lotus seeds is considered particularly sustainable because it does not destroy the environment.

Growing lotus seeds does not require additional water

The seasonal plant grows naturally in freshwater ponds and requires no additional water in the growing process. Globally, 70% of freshwater withdrawals are used for agriculture. According to experts, water consumption in agriculture will increase by almost 20% by 2050.

The lotus plant does not require fertilizers or pesticides. It can even grow in polluted waters. It cleans the water without absorbing harmful residues. However, it is important to have a period of several weeks with high temperatures in order to form a large bud with many seeds.

Lotussamen einzeln

Lotus seeds are rich in nutrients, making them an excellent choice for a healthy diet. They are high in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, including vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E, as well as important minerals such as potassium and sodium.

Until now, the cultivation of the lotus plant was limited to warm regions in Asia. But that can change with climate change. In southern Europe, scientists say the plant could be used to prevent lakes from drying out due to evaporation.

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image credit: Diana Drewes