Solar Blanket - Mireille Steinhage

Solar Blanket

Solar powered heating blanket for an energy self-sufficient life

17 March 2023

According to the UK Parliament, 14.5 million people were living in poverty in the UK in 2020. Above all, the cost of living and the cost of housing have risen significantly in recent months. With her “Solar Blanket” project, designer Mireille Steinhage shows a way of cushioning the burden of rising energy prices.

Solar panel supplies power bank with electrical energy

The “Solar Blanket” is an electric blanket that is powered by the sun. By using the product, Mireille Steinhage would like to help reduce the costs of supplying heat in the winter months. With the help of the blanket, the heat is kept in the immediate vicinity of the people without having to heat up the entire room.

Solar Blanket Interior - Mireille Steinhage

The solar panel works in most weather conditions and has been designed to be placed in front of a window. A portable power bank stores energy during the bright hours of the day and powers the blanket as well as other devices in the evenings.

The possibility of positioning the solar panel and power bank from any location gives the product additional application options outside of your own four walls. With the development, Mireille Steinhage would like to emphasize the advantages of using energy self-sufficient products and electrical devices and show options for integration into the interior design of the future.

image credit: Mireille Steinhage