Cocoboard sustainable materials


Sustainable coconut-based panels

13 April, 2022

NaturLoop, a swiss-based company has been developing a technology for manufacturing biocomposites made from agricultural byproducts and natural adhesives. Its first product, Cocoboard is made from coconut husk fibers and tannin extracts. It is suitable for furniture and interior architecture.

Coconut fiber combined with a bio-based adhesive

Cocoboard is a novel panel soon to be available in the market. In preparing the raw material for Cocoboard, coconut fiber or “coir” is extracted from the husk of the coconut fruit. The coconut fiber is processed and combined with a bio-based adhesive, a specific formulation by NaturLoop.

The concept is rather timely, as there are about 21 million tons of unused coconut husks in farms globally, wasting their potential value. Coincidentally, the coconut farmers are also the poorest workers in the agricultural sector. By working directly with a local supply chain team in the Philippines, NaturLoop ensures the integration of local farming communities in the value chain by involving them in the collection and transportation of the husks.

This in turn, provides the farmers additional income streams to improve their welfare and livelihood. Conversely, the social impact is not limited to Philippines, as there are plans of sourcing coconut fibers in other regions such as India and Africa.

Aside from its social impact, the product proves to be sustainable through the upcycling of husks, and utilization of resources that are readily available. The use of natural adhesives ensures low environmental footprint, and non-toxic emissions. The panels are fully biodegradable and boast superior mechanical properties.

It is termite resistant, and moisture resistant. What’s more, the appearance of the coconut fibers gives Cocoboard, a distinct aesthetic. It is available in different thicknesses (6 -30mm), and various finishes (raw, lacquered, and oiled), rendering its versatility.

The young company has been incorporated in August 2020, and has since then gathered several awards on account of its sustainable impact. The company is currently working on producing industrial sized panels for sales in the coming months.

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image source: NaturLoop