Mushroom Pilz Chips

Salty snack from mushrooms

Nutritious alternative to conventional potato chips

30 January 2022

Fungi are neither plants nor animals, they form their own kingdom. Edible mushrooms are considered an important food source worldwide because they are rich in various vitamins and minerals. Apart from that, they are low in calories, sodium and fat. An Australian company has launched salty mushroom chips as a nutritious alternative to standard potato chips.

Mushroom cultivation requires little energy

Mushrooms grow fast. Growing them emits far less carbon dioxide and requires less land than potatoes, for example, which are often used for chips. Cultivation also uses only small amounts of energy and water. The crop can be cultivated all year round, and the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms that we consume can be harvested every six to 12 weeks. According to studies, one kilogram of potatoes requires 135 liters of water. In comparison, only 500 milliliters are needed to obtain 1 kilogram of mushrooms. This makes mushroom chips a sustainable and tasty alternative to conventional potato chips.

Mushroom cultivation is known to be a profitable business in the agricultural industry. Up to 30 kg of mushrooms can be grown on about one square meter of mycelium per year. If you calculate with a cultivation area of 560 square meters, up to 17 tons of mushrooms can be grown within one year. Many popular edible mushrooms such as shiitake or oyster mushrooms grow very well on coffee grounds: a freely available and easily identifiable waste material.

Mushroom crisps are a healthy mushroom snack with a great crunch. The healthy and nutritious alternative to potato-based chips is very popular in Asia and Australia. The snack is gluten free, vegetarian and vegan friendly. DJ&A Mushroom Chips made in Australia were part of the “Ingredients” event zone at ISM 2022 in Cologne.

image source: Haute Innovation