Conbou lightweight bamboo panel

Material efficiency thanks to the middle layer of bamboo rings

24 April 2011

Bamboo is a fast growing natural material with very good mechanical qualities, which make it suitable for numerous applications in construction. It has high elasticity and very good strength properties. This has made bamboo particularly interesting for architects and bicycle builders in recent years.

Pieces of bamboo cane cut at an angle

Wassilij Grod from the Bauhaus University Weimar recently came up with a lightweight bamboo panel (BLPB) as a material-efficient building material, which he is currently planning to bring to the market. The middle layer of the sandwich structure consists of diagonally cut pieces of bamboo that are glued to the top layers. The construction offers high compressive strength with reduced material usage. Due to the ring structures used, waste is reduced to a minimum compared to panels in which bamboo tubes are used lengthways. By varying the arrangement of the ring profiles, the strength of the plate can be positively influenced.

The work was awarded first place in the European architecture and design competition “You have ADREAM” in 2010 and was nominated for the German Design Award.

image: Wassilij Grod