Concrete Cloth Fabrics

Flexible-looking concrete structures for design and architecture

16 April 2011

Rock materials offer ever more extensive possibilities for design. While scientists in recent years have delighted us with ultra-high-strength concrete or retroreflective stone, which meant new potential for interior design, a manufacturer from England now combines the flexibility of textile material with the robustness of concrete.

Spacer fabric filled with dry concrete

It is called “Concrete Cloth” and was originally developed for military purposes. What is meant is a spacer fabric filled with dry concrete, which can be flexibly deformed and which hardens completely after contact with water in just one day. The main application is the creation of stone buildings for crisis areas in the shortest possible time. The material is also used for the construction of canals or of embankments in road construction.

In the last few months, designers and architects seem to have opened up the potential of the material and made use of the possibilities for furniture designs and architectural structures. Concrete Cloth is available on rolls in different thicknesses (5-13 mm). The costs are manageable.

image: Concrete Canvas