Heating of the Tube

Surface heating with CNT coating

14 March 2011

One of the goals of some material manufacturers is to significantly simplify the extensive technology for heating indoor spaces. One solution is to use CNT carbon nanotubes in coating systems, which not only improve the thermal qualities but also the mechanical properties of the components. The great advantage of the coating is that surfaces can be heated very evenly without heat peaks.

Heating of wall surfaces

The “Carbo e-Therm” heating system from FutureCarbon GmbH can be operated with a low voltage source due to its low electrical resistance. Depending on the application requirements and the desired operating temperatures, Carbo e-Therm is offered with different binder systems, such as acrylates, epoxy or silicone resins. Maximum temperatures of up to 500 °C are possible.

The coating is resistant, which makes it suitable for use in vehicle interiors as well as in the floor and bathroom area. Depending on the application, hard or elastic solutions are available. These can be applied three-dimensionally and treated with the usual processing techniques. The option of heating wall surfaces is particularly interesting for designers.


image: FutureCarbon GmbH